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Bylaws, Operational Procedures and Titles

Bylaws & More

Leading With Love since 1984

Here is where all PFLAG Documents are held along with History of Title.

Current PFLAG Prides

Mx Pride

Miss PFLAG Pride #9          Mx PFLAG Pride #9 

                       Camilla Sumerz St. James                T.S. Loveless                                                                          


Mother of the Prides- Savannah SoReal St. James

Father of the Prides- Drew Parker

#1 2016-2017

Mr. Great Dane- Miss LeLani SoReal- Ms. LeShay St. James

#2 2017-2018

Mr. Marvin Wilson- Miss Anastatia Von Guttenberg- Ms. Arianna D Spanic

#3 2018-2019

Mr. Tobe Danials- Miss Beyonce St. James

#4 2019-2020

Mr. Terrance Mitchel- Miss Mary A Bottom- Ms. Christina Phoenix

#5 2020-2021

Ms. Christina Phoenix St. James

#6 2021-2022

Mr. Dylan Tank

#7 2022-2023

Miss Marajane Bluz

#8 2023-2024

Miss Victoria Sumerz St. James- Mr. Fanny DeVito

#9 2024-2025

Miss Camilla Sumerz St. James- MX T.S Loveless